"I love how you're able to discuss about certain issues that other people are afraid to talk about. You're fearless and I love that. Discussing the meaning behind your poems makes it even more real and raw because you're being open and vulnerable and real to your audience. And I especially love how you're discussing the meanings behind your poems because it gives us a chance to know you little by little through your writing. Keep writing, it's amazing and because I'm sure you're inspiring others to open up and talk about these issues!"-Brenda Villanueva, High School Instructional Assistant

“Wow. I just followed your podcast and already obsessed with it, omg girl, you’re great with your words 🥺🥰. Your words are amazing, they open up my mind. They put me in a different point of view, one I can definitely relate to! 💕”-Liz Enciso, High School Secretary

This podcast discusses my books, the meanings behind the poems, and a plethora of important issues that we need to discuss and dissect as a society so as to alter, challenge, and improve these issues that primarily affect marginalized communities and even privileged communities in subtle and overt ways. We need to heal as a collective and de-colonize the system from which we operate within.  

"I loved it! I want you to know I see you pushing past your struggle and fighting to be a light indeed I am grateful for you young lady, keep pushing"-Hispoet, Author and Poet

"Relationships are the toughest things people face and in many cases emulated behavior and treatment from our upbringing because it's normal for us. You touched on this perfectly, it can happen in the best and worst relationships. Thank you for opening up! I look forward to the next reading!! 5/5"-Kyle Broyard, DJ 

"I like it ❤️❤️❤️ You’ve already pulled me in. I can use this with my clients, thank you"-Anonymous

"Andrea Ramos is an amazing poet and writer! I had the pleasure of reading her poetry book “Gritty” which is just a raw piece of her heart! Her writing is so personal, honest, vulnerable yet conveys incredible strength and bravery. Let’s Get Gritty invites you to relate and connect on a personal “Gritty” level. Her message is so important and will bring empowerment and healing to anyone who encounters it!"-Joseph Vazquez, Spoken Word Performer and Writer

"It was a beautiful heartfelt poem and discussion about what needs to be addressed in terms of power and needs amongst our personal love and those who should be close to us for the right reasons. How our personal love is formed from our history. You all should hear it, thanks Andrea!"-Estela Victoria Cordero, Writer

"I can totally relate to Andrea's "Daddy and Mommy issues," Poem. We unconsciously seek the needs of our inner child in all mediums of relationships, whether it be friendships or romance. Her words are a courageous reminder to nurture yourself, before you self sacrifice yourself to others."-Estefania Garcia Bautista, Actress, Singer, Poet, and Model

“Chilling, it’s incredible reading but to have the author read to us gives us an elevated insight. True raw emotion into her world and into a world so very few speak of. A real pleasure and can’t to hear more of these.”-Manny  Sirin, Restaurant Manager

"Andrea speaks her truth on her podcast about topics that she's passionate about. It's great to listen to someone else's view and to expand one's knowledge . Her podcasts are informative and overall great to listen to!"-Jewel, Paraprofessional and Chef

"Listening to this podcast brought me pure joy. So many of these topics brought up were so REAL! these issues are going on in members of the LGBTQ lives everyday and it’s nice to hear how normal it really is even when you yourself aren’t feeling normal. It’s nice to know we aren’t alone. I think this was a beautiful discussion and seemed so natural as if I was a third person right there . Also super cool to see the many perspectives"-Kaelin Miller, Dental Assistant, Mental Health Advocate

"I can’t wait to get my copy. I listened to your podcast and went to your site. I’m excited to read!!!"-Millennial Amor, Poet

"It was a clear message at what you you were getting at across the table!"-Joshua Portillo, Tattoo Artist and Painter

"I listened to your first podcast Getting Gritty and your debut poem was so amazing! ✨ I loved the little introduction music you added in the beginning since it set the tone for the poem vibe. Keep creating poetry 🦋"-Alexis Ybarra, Poet, Crafter, and Creator of  Basic Avo Show 

"I had such an amazing pleasure of being featured on a podcast with Andrea. Not only do we have amazing talks, but we have a good friendship. The thing I love about her the most is the fact she is so supportive , and open, and such a great listener that you automatically feel comfortable talking to her. She’s an amazing person, writer, friend, and more. My advice to anyone who is thinking of joining an episode is GO FOR IT! no need to be nervous or scared. She walks you through it like nothing. I will def not turn down another opportunity to be in an episode"-Kaelin Miller, Dental Assistant, Mental Health Adovcate

"This podcast is an insightful look into traumas, recovery, and improvement on the other side. If you or someone you know struggles with or has been through trauma, please encourage them to give it a listen!"-Miles Lacey, Landscape Estimator 

"The podcast feels like a genuine conversation that most people have in their heads and its refreshing  to see people other than myself are having the same conversations in their heads. The content is engaging so you have a long time subscriber"-Marcus Flowers, High School Instructional Aide, Video Game Streamer 

"Such powerful provocative transformational work..a profoundly beautiful and insightful journey into healing. A.I.Ramos’s work is
as a city of sparkling gems and a treasure trove of learning, wisdom, the deepest passion and pure magic to visit. I’m so glad I found this great work. Thank you for you sharing ✨⚡️💫👑☀️"-Kim Durham, Film Finance, Project Development President/CEO/Partner

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"Yo, you're dope as fuck!! No te conozco but I'm proud you're one of us and representing raza the way you are doing!! I'm listening to your podcast RIGHT NOW and wow super poderosa!!! Can't wait to see your growth and your process!!&& what I noticed off the bat desde que comenzo tu podcast is that daaaamn you really aren't trying to be anyone else. You're embedded in your roots, expressing and bettering them!!!As I gorw and get out of my hometown I realize its easy to kind of put your roots aside and try to be like other cultures and shit, pero naaah dude BE "barrio enlightened", not "white" enlightened or any other type that is portrayed to be the "right way" of enlightenment"-Cecilia Arellano

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